Oncidium Blooms + New Orchid Progress Report

I feel like I’ve been sitting around twiddling my thumbs for the longest time, waiting for something interesting to happen with my orchids. Well, now that I have one orchid in bloom and four new orchids, all kind of fun things are going on! First I’ll show you my Oncidium, which is almost in full bloom right now:

NOID Oncidium in bloom

I am in love with these beautiful flowers! They’re slightly fragrant, which is always a bonus. The thrill of coaxing an orchid to bloom all on your own just never goes away.

This morning, I noticed what appears to be a spike emerging from the newest growth on the Brassavola nodosa that I’ve only had for the past week!

Brassavola nodosa spike
See that purple-ish green growth there in the center of the photo?

Wow! My mom’s B. nodosa always blooms in late fall, so I didn’t expect to see a spike on mine so soon at all. Now that I’ve done a little Googling on these orchids, I see that they can bloom at various times of year—and they sometimes bloom more than once a year!

This morning it became clear that what I had thought were multiple spikes poking out from the top of my Encyclia cochleata are actually flower buds:

Encyclia cochleata buds

You can get a better look at the buds in this photo:

Encyclia cochleata buds

So far there are four distinct buds swelling up from the spike. It’s a little hard to see in the photo, but the buds even have happy sap on them, which indicates that the plant is really liking its environment. I am SO SUPER EXCITED for this orchid to bloom!

The two flower sheaths on my Cattleya Mrs. Herbert Greaves are developing nicely:

Cattleya Mrs. Herbert Greaves

My Angraecum didieri has finished blooming, but it is starting to grow a new leaf so I’ll take that as a good sign:

Angraecum didieri

I’ve placed all four of my new orchids on the windowsill in the kitchen and they seem very happy there, so I think I will keep them there for the time being. I’m beyond excited that I’ll be getting some more blooms soon—it’s been WAY too long!!

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