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Oncidium Blooms + New Orchid Progress Report

I feel like I’ve been sitting around twiddling my thumbs for the longest time, waiting for something interesting to happen with my orchids. Well, now that I have one orchid in bloom and four new orchids, all kind of fun things are going on! First I’ll show you my Oncidium, which is almost in full bloom right now:

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My Oncidium Finally Bloomed + New Brassavola nodosa

I was hoping that my NOID Oncidium blooms would start to open up on my birthday (June 13) as they did the last time the plant bloomed two years ago. Well, that didn’t happen, but they did begin to open up the morning after…so, close enough! Compare what the buds looked like yesterday morning…

NOID Oncidium Bloom

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My Growing Orchid Collection and Some Blooms

Apparently, writing about the orchid of this week this morning put me in an orchid hunting mood, because after I wrote that post, I took a walk to the Ikea in Red Hook (it’s sooo gorgeous out today!) to see what their orchid selection was like. It was crap. So I took the bus back toward Park Slope and on the way there I popped into Lowe’s to see if they happened to have any good orchids. And they did! I couldn’t stop myself…I ended up leaving with THREE new orchids! I promptly repotted them when I got home, like the good orchid geek that I am. All three are those Better-Gro orchids that come packaged in net and plastic, and each cost $13.97. Behold my post-repotted haul: Read more

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