My Oncidium Finally Bloomed + New Brassavola nodosa

I was hoping that my NOID Oncidium blooms would start to open up on my birthday (June 13) as they did the last time the plant bloomed two years ago. Well, that didn’t happen, but they did begin to open up the morning after…so, close enough! Compare what the buds looked like yesterday morning…

NOID Oncidium Bloom

…to what the blooms look like as of this afternoon:


What a difference a day makes, right?! The blooms on this orchid really do open up quickly, as opposed to Phalaenopsis, which can have a bloom open one day and then go a couple days before the next bloom opens up.

So, this is very exciting!! These are my first blooms in our “new” apartment—at least, the first on an orchid that I’ve personally coaxed into blooming here…new orchids that I’ve purchased in bloom since we moved don’t count.

And speaking of new orchids, I got a fourth orchid from Santa Barbara Orchid Estate as a birthday gift from my husband! When I placed my order with them using my gift certificate I thought I was getting four orchids, but they only sent three because that’s all the certificate covered once shipping was factored in. However, they didn’t communicate to me that they were only sending three, and they left the Brassavola nodosa off my order. That orchid was actually my first choice, and had I known they weren’t sending it I would have asked them to send it and take one of the others off the order instead. Anyway, long story short, they apologized for the confusion and offered to send me the Brassavola and cover the shipping cost if I was still willing to purchase it. My husband kindly offered to buy it as a birthday present, so I’m now the proud new owner of a Brassavola nodosa!

Brassavola nodosa

I’ve never grown a B. nodosa before, but my mom has one in St. Louis and it is always in bloom when we go visit my parents over Thanksgiving. The flowers smell incredible and I wanted to try my hand and one of these babies.

B. nodosa

I’m excited to see how this goes! And I’m so thrilled that I finally got one of my babies to bloom…it feels like it’s been WAY too long!  🙂

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  1. Congrats on the new blooms! There is a difference between taking care of an orchid purchased in bloom and nurturing an already purchased orchid to bloom 🙂 both experiences are rewarding but…getting an orchid that you own to bloom is…epic. And it feels awesome. Congrats 🙂

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