Orchid Blooms and More!

Blooms, Buds, and a Spike!

Finally…my NOID Phal keiki is in full bloom! This beautiful baby has five blooms, one of which has turned its back in a Blair Witch sort of way—probably because I moved the orchid while the buds were still developing. It’s ok, though, the plant is still gorgeous!

Here’s another look at these pretty flowers:

I’m thrilled that I was able to coax some blooms out of an orchid! Spikes and blooms have been few and far between in my orchid collection for the past few years, but hopefully having the new greenhouse will help. This orchid hasn’t actually set foot (root?) in the greenhouse at all yet. The plant started putting out a spike while it was indoors, so I kept it inside so as not to disrupt the growth.

And as I mentioned awhile back, I have a second keiki in spike. The buds are developing well and though it looks like it might only end up with two blooms, I’ll happily take ’em!

And last but not least, I found a spike growing on one of the NOID Phals in my greenhouse. It’s so encouraging to see one of them starting to spike already! Fingers crossed for more spikes to come.

Overall my orchids are doing okay in the greenhouse. Some of them look like they’re getting too much light, so I need to figure out a solution for that. My Phal violacea died, but it had been doing poorly for quite some time, so I don’t think it was necessarily the greenhouse that did it in.

That’s all for now…I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!

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