Fall Spikes Are Here!

Fall Time is Spike Time

I know it’s been a very long time since I last posted here. Might as well begin all of my blog posts that way.  😛  I tend to post on Instagram more often because it’s quick and easy. Anyway, five of my orchids have begun to spike, and I wanted to share photos of them!

First is the Phalaenopsis tetraspis var. alba x sib that I ordered from Orchids by Hausermann using my birthday gift certificate:

Phalaenopsis tetraspis var. alba x sib spike

That Phal already has a spike but its blooms are winding down, so I’m happy to see it putting out a second spike! Its white blooms are beautiful and fragrant; I’ve had a really hard time capturing good photos of them, so I don’t currently have pics to share. Hopefully I can get some good photos when the new blooms arrive!

The next orchid in spike is the Phalaenopsis Venosa ‘CH’…this spike isn’t as far along and it’s a little harder to see in this photo. It’s in the center, pointing to the left.

Phalaenopsis Venosa ‘CH’

This Phal was in bloom when it arrived from Hausermann’s. So pretty!!

Pha. Venosa 'CH'

The next three Phals in spike are all NOIDs. Below is a peloric Phal from Home Depot that I’ve had for at least ten years; this orchid hasn’t bloomed for me in a few years!

Peloric Phal spike

I’m loving how healthy the leaves look on the next Phal in spike:

NOID Phal spike

And last but not least, a NOID Phal that I bought at Trader Joe’s many years ago:

Phal spike

The orchids are doing pretty well now that they’ve been in the greenhouse for about a year. Some of them are looking happier than others, but I think it’s a good sign that I’m getting a bunch of spikes. The temperature has been dipping at night around here lately, and that certainly helps encourage flower spikes.

Expect an update on spike and blooming progress here! Until then, feel free to follow along on my Instagram!

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