Birthday Gift: New Orchids!

Orchid Gifts for the Greenhouse

My birthday was last month, and my husband surprised me with a gift card for Orchids by Hausermann! I’ve ordered orchids from them in the past, but it’s been many years since I’ve done so. Now that we have the greenhouse, it’s a good time to try some new orchids!

I actually ordered NINE new orchids in all…here are some of them:

New Orchids

Six of the nine orchids are Phalaenopsis and four of the orchids are mounted. One Phal arrived in bloom, one arrived in bud, and two arrived in spike. The bloom was such a lovely surprise when I opened the box (which, by the way, was very securely packaged and no damage was incurred in transit)!

The orchid that arrived in bloom is a Phalaenopsis Venosa ‘CH’:

Phal. Venosa 'CH'

Below is a look at the beautiful little bloom…I love the faint yellow outline of the red petals and the lightly speckled lip! Also, this bloom is slightly fragrant, which is always such a treat! It looks like I should get at least a couple more blooms off of this spike.

Pha. Venosa 'CH' in bloom

One of the two orchids that arrived in spike is the Phalaenopsis Evarise Blue Angel:

Phal. Evarise Blue Angel

This orchid actually has two spikes! Two of the buds on the left spike were yellowing when the plant arrived, so they appear to be blasting and I imagine they’ll shrivel and fall off. Fingers crossed the rest of the buds develop okay now that the plant can settle into its new home!

Phal. Evarise Blue Angel buds

The orchid that arrived in bud is the Phalaenopsis tetraspis var. alba x sib:

Phal. tetraspis var. alba x sib

Here’s a look at the buds that I imagine will open soon, as long as the orchid adjusts okay:

Phal. tetraspis var. alba x sib buds

The other orchid that arrived in spike (and the only one that the website stated was in spike) is the Phalaenopsis Star April’s Coming ‘M230’:

Phal. Star April's Coming 'M230'

This orchid is the largest of my haul, with a spike that’s about a foot high. There’s already a side shoot on the spike, too! I’m excited to watch the progress on this orchid.

Phal. Star April's Coming 'M230" spike

I haven’t tried growing a lady’s slipper orchid in a long time, so I got this cute little Paphiopedilum venustum:

Paph venustum

And here are my four new mounted orchids! The plants are all pretty small—around three to four inches.

Mounted orchids

First up is the Sedirea japonica x sib. I’ve never tried growing a Sedirea before! The leaves and roots look very Phal-like:

Sedirea japonica x sib

Next is the Phalaenopsis lobbii:

Phal lobbii

And the Phalaenopsis gibbosa:

Phal. gibbosa

Last but not least is the Oncidium croesus:

Onc. croesus

A big thank you to my husband for the thoughtful gift! I’m super excited to watch these orchids grow and bloom. I just hope I can do right by them.  🙂

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