2021 Brooklyn Orchids Calendar

12 Months of Orchid Photos

It’s Thanksgiving week, so you know what that means: ALLLL the Black Friday sales. With the pandemic still going on, retailers started Black Friday early. My own 2021 calendar is now ready for purchase from my Zazzle shop! As always, the 12-month calendar features original orchid photography by yours truly.

2021 Brooklyn Orchids Calendar

Most years, I’m able to visit an orchid show and maybe an orchid seller or two. Due to the pandemic, that didn’t happen this year. The images I end up using in my calendars are taken from those visits. Fortunately, I had enough photos from past years to be able to put this calendar together.

The 2021 Brooklyn Orchids calendar costs $24.90, but Zazzle almost always has a promo going on. Calendars are currently 50% off when you enter promo code BLKFRISAVING at checkout. So from now through 11:59pm PT you can get my calendar for $12.45 (not including shipping).

Because Cyber Monday is coming up next week, I imagine Zazzle will offer more promo codes even after the Black Friday code expires. So don’t despair if you aren’t able to make your purchase in time to use the code.

I also want to note that my shop now has hand sanitizer and a couple different cloth face masks!

Zazzle masks & hand sanitizer

The hand sanitizer comes in a case of 12 one-ounce bottles for $40.75 (the 20% off Black Friday price is $32.60). Unfortunately, Zazzle doesn’t allow me to sell these individually.

The face masks are $12.95 full price, but the Black Friday deal is 20% off, so they’re $10.36 apiece. So far, I’m offering an Orchid Print Adult Face Mask and a Lady’s Slipper Orchid Cloth Face Mask. I may add more designs if these begin to sell. If there’s a particular orchid photo of mine that you’d like to see on a mask, please let me know!

I just ordered a calendar and mask for myself! Thank you in advance for all of your support.

Please have a happy and SAFE Thanksgiving. Don’t forget to continue wearing a mask whenever you’re out and about, and wash your hands often. Stay healthy, everyone!

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