Orchid Show, Part Deux

[BE FOREWARNED: Giant Photo Dump Ahead!]Phalaenopsis in bloom

After my first Orchid Show visit at the New York Botanical Garden this year, I vowed to return on a weekday and take my time exploring. Today, I did just that – and it was 100% worth paying another $20 for a ticket.

The NYBG switches out some of the orchids on display throughout the duration of the show, so I got to see some different orchids this time around. They had removed the Zygopetalums, which disappointed me a bit because I wanted to get more photos of those (they’re one of my faves!). Regardless, it was nice to see new blooms rather than the exact same display.

I did a slightly better job of taking photos of the I.D. signs during my second visit so that I could label my pictures properly.  It can be hard to tell which sign relates to which plant, so I labeled the photos as best I could. Hopefully I haven’t made any labeling mistakes, but if I have please feel free to correct me. If I don’t list the name of the orchid in the photo caption, it’s because I couldn’t find it. Again, if you know the name, leave a comment…enlighten me!

Without further ado, below are some of my favorite photos from today (you can see my full Flickr set of photos by clicking here).

xAsoscenda Tavivat
xAsoscenda Tavivat

Tolumnia Sun Bulb

Look at the crazy buds on this guy!

Dendrobium macrophyllum var. macrophyllum
Dendrobium macrophyllum var. macrophyllum

Love the gorgeous rosy pink and green color combo on this one:

A gorgeous phal

I can’t get over the exquisite pale purple detail on the lip of these dendrobium blooms:

Dendrobium Burana Jade
Dendrobium Burana Jade

A striking Odontocidium:

xOdontocidium Sunlight 'HOF'
xOdontocidium Sunlight ‘HOF’

Anything with ‘Fangtastic’ in its name is alright with me. At the risk of sounding like Bob Ross, look at that happy little face there in the center!

xBrassidium Fangtastic Bob Henley
xBrassidium Fangtastic Bob Henley

It looks like I had my flash on for this lady slipper photo, but I didn’t. It was just that sunny. How beautiful are these – they look like jewels in the jungle!

Lady Slippers
Lady slippers galore

Now, this next orchid is really something. I saw it in the gift shop and had to take a photo because I’ve never seen an orchid like it before. The tag said “Green Emerald ‘Emerald Queen'”, which I Googled, and it’s apparently either a Potinara or a Cattleya; not totally sure which. Anyone know for sure?

Potinara (or Cattleya?) Green Emerald ‘Emerald Queen’

Another gift shop gem that I had never heard of, a Goodaleara Pacific Truffle ‘Surrogate Star’, caught my eye. Love its dusty pink coloring.

Goodaleara Pacific Truffle 'Surrogate Star'
Goodaleara Pacific Truffle ‘Surrogate Star’

And yet ANOTHER amazing orchid available in the gift shop: a Brassocattleya Kosh Wallis ‘Paradise’. It almost seemed like there was a wider variety of orchids in the gift shop than in the show itself!

Brassocattleya Kosh Wallis 'Paradise'
Brassocattleya Kosh Wallis ‘Paradise’

And last but not least, a Zygopetalum for sale in the store:


The NYBG gift shop’s prices are a great deterrent for someone like me (kinda poor, but addicted). The cheapest ones I saw were small Phalaenopsis for $28, and prices go up into the $70s and possibly even higher. Yikes. Not that I need any more orchids in my house right now (I currently have 15!).   🙂

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  1. Lovely! I went to the show this Sunday–what an interesting contrast between the flowers and the cold grey damp weather!
    Did you notice the number of people wearing magenta, pinks and purples?!?

  2. Thanks for this post. Unlike you I was unable to make it to the New York Botanical Garden Orchid Show. I felt so disappointed, but now I am excited that I am able to see those beautiful orchids that you have posted here. I especially like the phal and the Zygopetalum. You said you have 15 orchids already and may not want any more but I am sure if you saw one orchid that you really love you would buy it, that is if the price is right.

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