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Greenhouse Construction is Complete! Plus Phal Spikes

My Urban Backyard Greenhouse

I posted about the completion of my greenhouse on Instagram, but I somehow completely forgot to write about it here! What kind of blogger am I?! Actually, I haven’t blogged about it yet because we didn’t really get the greenhouse set up properly until this weekend.

Here’s the greenhouse in all its fully constructed glory:

Backyard greenhouse

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Three More Phalaenopsis Spikes For Me!

Just about a month ago, I posted about a couple of my Phals that were beginning to spike. Well, when I was watering my orchids this week I found THREE more Phals with spikes starting to poke out!

The first is a pretty creamy white-and-burgundy harlequin Phal, whose spike has that telltale mitten shape:

Tiny spike beginning to peek out
Tiny spike beginning to peek out

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