My Cattleya Mrs. Herbert Greaves Has Bloomed!

I love having some blooms around the house! I returned from San Diego Comic-Con two weeks ago to find a nice plump bud on my Cattleya Mrs. Herbert Greaves from Santa Barbara Orchid Estate and a second bud in development. The first bloom opened up last week:

Cattleya orchid in bloom

And the second bloom opened up this past weekend:


Here’s a shot of the full plant with its gorgeous, light lavender-and-white blooms:


My husband noticed this morning that the blooms are fragrant! I had sniffed the blooms before and didn’t get any fragrance off of them, but maybe these are only fragrant in the morning—I must have smelled them at night. They give off a nice rose-like scent. So awesome!

I still have a couple blooms left on my Encyclia cochleata, along with what looks like another bud developing at the end of the spike. I guess that’s what “sequential blooming” means! My Brassavola nodosa is still in bloom as well, so we have quite the bounty in our apartment compared to the dry spell we had here for a long time!

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