My Brassavola Nodosa Has Bloomed!

It’s so exciting to finally have blooms around the house! My Brassavola nodosa, a birthday gift from my husband, has three lovely blooms that opened up a couple days ago:


I have very limited photography knowledge beyond “point and shoot” so it’s always difficult for me to snap detailed photos of white or light-colored flowers. Fortunately, my husband knows more about how to use the manual settings on my digital camera than I do and he was able to take some photos that capture the fine detail on these gorgeous flowers.

Brassavola nodosa blooms

Brassavola nodosa in bloom

The blooms are slightly fragrant at night, but they’re not as strongly scented as the B. nodosa that my mom has in St. Louis.

Bonus photo: my Encyclia cochleata now has three open blooms, with a fourth that should open soon and a fifth in development!

IMG_3262 (1)

Hooray for orchid blooms!!

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