Patting Myself on the Back for My Paph…and more

I’ve tried growing three different Paphiopedilums (lady slippers) and have killed two out of those three. The third, however, has been chugging along happily and put up a spike a little while ago. And now, I’m so proud to say that it is currently in bloom, with one fully opened flower and two developing buds!

NOID Paph in bloom!

That’s the Paph that I bought at Ikea over a year and a half ago as a housewarming present to myself when my boyfriend and I moved in together. I am seriously thrilled that not only have I not killed this one, managed to keep it going long enough to spike and then bloom. It also has two new growths at the base, so things are looking good for this lady slipper.

I also have a few Phals in bloom, a couple of which I mentioned in February. Here they are on display in the living room:

Phals on display

Let’s take a closer look at each of these:

My “birthday Phal,” rebloomed from a side shoot (two more buds are developing)
Phal from Trader Joe’s…so many flowers on this one!
This is actually a bloom on a keiki still attached to the mother plant! It has 2 blooms.
And a nice spotty Phal

Plus, I have a second keiki from that beautiful red Phal that is in bloom as well. This keiki is one that I removed from the mother plant late last year:

Beautiful keiki bloom

My Dendrobium Eama Queen from Trader Joe’s has put out a new growth:

The newest growth is on the far left

This Dend hasn’t bloomed for me since I bought it, so I’m dying to get this one going. Wish me lots of blooming luck!

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  1. They are beautiful, I have the exact one you got for your birthday which is also in bloom now, yea for us. I would love to get a red orchid , no matter how hard I try , I am not lucky enough, hopefully I will get one at the flower show, your doing a wonderful job with your orchids keep it up. How do you get them to put out kieki? My never does.

  2. Great Collection!! Is that a hard cane dendrobium? Does it drop all of its leaves in the winter? Whatever it is it looks very healthy. Has it bloomed for you yet?

  3. Give your dendrobiums a warm place where it can get morning or evening sun. Dendrobiums like warm places. Hopefully it will start blooming thereafter. Cheers!!

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