My Baby Orchid Has Bloomed!

orchid keiki in bloom

As of this morning, both Mama Orchid and Baby Orchid are in bloom:

orchid keiki in bloom
Baby in Bloom

Looks like Baby Orchid will only have four blooms, but I’ll take ’em. Mama Orchid, on the other hand, is working on about a dozen blooms, five of which have opened up (one of them is upside down, which you can’t really see in the photo):

moth orchid blooms
Mama Orchid blooms

Aside from these two lovelies, I have three other Phals in spike so there will be plenty more blooms in the coming months. Blooming season has arrived!

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  1. I have recently found your blog and subscribed to it on my google reader. It has inspired me! I can’t wait for another update!!
    THANK YOU for being detailed (like spike vs root growth and where to cut). I learn mostly visually so that is SO helpful.

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