Three More Phalaenopsis Spikes For Me!

Just about a month ago, I posted about a couple of my Phals that were beginning to spike. Well, when I was watering my orchids this week I found THREE more Phals with spikes starting to poke out!

The first is a pretty creamy white-and-burgundy harlequin Phal, whose spike has that telltale mitten shape:

Tiny spike beginning to peek out
Tiny spike beginning to peek out

The next is a big Phal with beautiful yellow blooms that I bought at Lowe’s about 2 1/2 years ago! I can tell that it’s a spike because the tip is pointy rather than round the way this orchid’s roots usually are.

The plump beginnings of a spike
The plump beginnings of a spike

And last but not least, one of my Phal keikis is also showing signs of a new spike…it’s so new that it’s a little hard to see, but the spike is the small yellowish-looking growth nestled at the base on the left in this image:

One of my Phal keikis is spiking!
Keiki with spike

The other two orchids in spike are coming along nicely, so I expect I’ll have some gorgeous blooms in the next couple of months!


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  1. It does make us ridiculously happy when we discover a spike! I’ve been keeping an eye on the leaf axes of my phals because I don’t want to miss a spike. And yesterday I finally found a small bump there. It’s too small to tell if it has the shape of a mitten but since it’s growing from the leaf axis I’m pretty sure it’s a spike. So excited!
    Keep us posted, I love reading your blog!

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