Blooming Bonanza, a Rescued Orchid, & an RIP

In the past week, THREE of my orchids have bloomed, starting with this adorable harlequin orchid on Valentine’s Day:

Love the pale yellow background of the bloom…and the spotted buds

A couple days later, my peloric Phalaenopsis buds began to open:

2.5 blooms are now open on this orchid!

Then a couple days later, this lovely bloom woke up:

Hello World!

As I mentioned in my most recent Orchid of the Week post (which, incidentally, I neglected to do this past week…oopsie), I rescued two beautiful white Phalaenopsis orchids from a friend of mine who’d received them as a gift at work. They were potted together in one giant clay pot, which makes for a stunning display but is unhealthy for the plants. My friend didn’t know what to do with them and her office gets decent Western sunlight, but it’s not ideal for orchids. So, last week I made the visit to her office in the West Village to rescue the orchids. And…durr…I forgot to take a picture of them potted together when I got home, but I do have this pic that my friend had texted me:

Double orchid all the way across the cubicle!

So when I got home, I repotted the orchids separately after cutting away some of the rotten roots. But overall they both look really healthyโ€”the leaves look exactly how Phal leaves should: firm, glossy, and grassy green. Most of the blooms have fallen off, but that’s normal. Here are the separated plants in my apartment…note how HUGE they are! They are at least twice the size of most of my orchids!

Big beautiful orchid #1
Big beautiful orchid #2

Thanks to Mo for the new orchids! I promise I’ll take good care of them!

I also want to point out that my Phalaenopsis amboinensis that is in spike is now developing buds! They look like they will become teeny blooms!

Baby buds!

And, one more bit of news on the orchid front is that I had to toss my Oncidium Twinkle Fragrance Fantasy last week. It had been doing well, grew a couple spikes and bloomed for me, but then went straight into the crapper from there. I’m really not sure what happened…but RIP, little guy:

So that I don’t end this post on a sad note, here’s what the mantle in my living room looks like as of this morning.ย  ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. Any idea why there is sphagnum moss on the spikes Phals you “rescued” from your friend? Are there keikis growing there that would like some medium for their roots?

    Congrats on all the blooms – sorry for your loss on the Oncidium; did you let it dry out enough between waterings (Oncidiums apparently like that about as much as Phalaenopsis hate it!). ๐Ÿ™

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