Blooms and Spikes and Leaves—Oh My!

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted any updates on my orchid collection because there hasn’t been a whole lot going on other than the blooming of the mystery dendrobium, which, by the way, now has two blooms. Each has taken on a more pinkish and greenish tinge in the throat than when they first opened. The faint coloring is a little hard to capture in a photo, but you get the idea:

Beautiful mystery blooms!

So, be forewarned that there are a lot of photos ahead. I just spent some time taking pics of all the new growth going on with my orchids, because I’m a nerd and these things excite me. First up is this little nubbin on my peloric Phal that I bought from Home Depot over a year ago:

What might this be?

I noticed the nubbin this past Sunday when I was on Orchid Watering Duty, and I immediately thought it was a spike rather than a root. Five days later, you can see that it is most definitely the very beginnings of a new spike:

The beginnings of a spike!

How can I tell that it’s a spike and not a root? The tip is flatter than a root would be, which has a more rounded tip (that’s what she said). I’m very excited about this one, because this Phal produces some of my more unique-looking flowers due to the genetic mutation referred to as “peloric,” in which the petals start to take on the shape of the lip. I think mine is only partially peloric, because the petals aren’t all curled in toward the lip as I’ve seen in other peloric orchids. Here’s what mine looks like:

Past blooms on my peloric Phal

But a real peloric Phal can end up looking like this:

Photo credit:

I like mine better. Anywho…YAY! A SPIKE! And speaking of spikes, let’s check in on my spiking Oncidium Twinkle Fragrance Fantasy, shall we?

One spike, two spike…
…three spike!

Yes, my little Twinkle Fragrance Fantasy now has three spikes, with one looking like it’s starting to grow actual buds! Apparently these orchids can take a millinium or two before they actually bloom, so I’m just waiting very patiently on this one.

Slightly less exciting, but still good news for the health of my orchids is that I have a bunch of new leaves and growths. My Zygopetalum (one of my personal faves!) from Trader Joe’s is currently pushing out three new pseudobulbs:

Three new Zygo growths!

My Zygo from Orchids by Hausermann has been pretty damn dormant ever since I got it early last spring, but it’s now starting to put out two new growths:

Two new growths!

One of my rescue Phals is still chugging along, now putting out new leaves, though it looks like it’s getting too much light because the leaves are tinged red around the edges. I should move this guy. Oh, and please ignore my sloppy manicure in the photo. I just painted my nails and haven’t cleaned them up yet. 🙂

Rescue Phal from Ikea

My Phal violacea from Hausermann’s has also been pretty stagnant since I got it a few months ago, but is now putting out a new leaf:

Phal violacea’s new leaf

And now, let’s move on to another Hausermann’s purchase. My Phal Yellow Butterfly “Amber” has a ton of aerial roots and is putting out a new leaf as well:

New leaf on my Phal Yellow Butterfly

And last but not least, something that I just noticed this morning on the Phal that I bought at the Union Square Greenmarket in spring ’09. This may just be a root, but it also could be a spike…I think it’s too soon to tell, but I took a photo to document it just in case it’s a spike. My gut and the slight reddish color at the tip (that’s what she said) suggest that it’s a root, but time will tell:

Potential spike on another Phal

PHEW…this was kind of an epic post. I have a lot of orchid news! I suppose this is what happens when I stop posting updates for awhile. I’m working on getting back in the swing of things, I swear. 🙂

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  1. I have a literal, I think, new plant coming off an old spike. not a flower but a whole new plant with three leaves. How do I detach it? . What to do with it?

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