Orchid of the Week: Aerides Maculosum

Right now, the Indian festival of lights known as Diwali is taking place, so in honor of Diwali I’m featuring an orchid that is native to India: Aerides Maculosum. It’s also known as the Cat’s Tail, Fox Tail or Fox Brush orchid. It’s a tropical epiphyte within the Vandaceous Alliance. I LOVE Vandas, so it’s no wonder I was attracted to this little beauty:

Photo credit: snonymous2, Flickr

The flowers are very small, sometimes only about 2 centimeters across.

Photo credit: travelpod.com

These blooms totally have that bug-eyed look in the center, just like Vandas.

Photo credit: prashant, Picasa

Quite lovely, no? For comparison, here’s a photo of a Vanda that I took at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden:

Vanda at the BBG Aquatic House

Vanda blooms are WAY bigger than Aerides maculosum, which look like tiny gems in comparison.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

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