My Newest Addition: Mini Phal

My very thoughtful boyfriend stays on the lookout for orchids for me when he shops at places like Home Depot. Yesterday he was at the HD in Manhattan and picked up a really cute unidentified mini Phal with magenta-spotted yellow blooms (thanks, honey!):

NOID Mini Phal

This orchid is so adorable and cheerful, it makes me smile!

Close-up of mini phal blooms

One of the reasons my boyfriend chose this particular orchid was that he noticed a side spike growing from the main flower spike. Bonus! I may get some additional blooms from this plant soon-ish because of the side spike:

Side spike on an orchid
Side spike

So this plant brings my total orchid collection to 21. Well, more like 20.5, because The Orchid That Won’t Die is sorta half of an orchid at this point (BTW, it’s still hanging in there…amazing).

I hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend!

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