Update on Phal Rescue Attempt

Remember awhile back when I tried the ‘sphag-n-bag’ method of rescuing a Phalaenopsis orchid, but aborted the effort after a couple of days? After I had removed the orchid from the bag, I potted it in a terracotta pot with sphagnum moss. Based on the advice I got on the Orchid Board, I then decided that the orchid would be better off potted in something that would get better air flow, so I bought a black plastic net pot like this:

The pot only cost me $.80 at a local gardening supply store. Win!

I took the risk of repotting the poor plant yet again (I had been effing with it a lot lately) and placed it into the net pot with moist sphagnum moss. It’s been doing ok like this for the past few weeks – at least, no turn for the worse – and just the other day I inspected it to see if there was any new root growth. Lo and behold, I found a tiny green nubbin at the base of the crown, so it appears that a new root is growing! I may have saved this poor sad plant after all.

I hope I haven’t jinxed the orchid’s health by posting about it just now. More updates to come, whether good or bad.

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  1. I think spag and bag method is not promising because of lacking water.. even though the plant doesnt have roots, but u gotta put pot it in the moss. I wanna try that method but too chichen out to try it out. Btw thump up for finding the pot from.local garending store. U know I live in california and home depot doesnt even sell those kind of plastic pot. My parent told me that home depot rather sell clay pots than those plastic pots so the orchids die quicker. Hahhaa I hope that not true.. and also I heard those orchids from home depot were infected with the disease from the vendor. So the orchids die in the customers hand and those customers likely to come back and buy more.

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