More Orchid Apparel Coming Our Way with Altuzarra for Target

I’m gonna go off topic a little again here, but it’s orchid-related, I promise. 🙂

I don’t tend to go apeshit over the haute couture designer collaborations with Target like some people. I’m totally not judging; I have my own things I go apeshit over, like getting the souvenir Arrow bag at Comic-Con*. I do, of course, appreciate these collaborations for the creative designs that cost far less than they would normally. Over the years I think I’ve just bought a couple designer pieces at Target, because once I see the items in person I’m often disappointed. I bought an Erin Fetherston cardigan years back, and I bought a cute, swingy blouse by The Webster for Target a couple years ago, but I think that’s it.

However, I may actually have to go apeshit with Target’s upcoming Altuzarra collaboration. I started to click through the full collection slideshow at Refinery29 and was mildly underwhelmed, but then my clicking through stopped in its tracks. Why? THIS:

Altuzarra for Target purple orchid dress

Um, OMG YES PLEASE. 1. It’s purple, my most favorite-est color ever. 2. Hello, beautiful orchids. 3. That cut! It looks incredibly flattering.

I have no idea what the cost will be, but if it’s under $80 and I can get my hot little hands on it, IT WILL BE MINE. Oh yes. It will be mine. I have to admit I’m a little worried that the fabric might not look so great in person. There was a Jason Wu for Target dress that I fell in love with online, and then when I saw it in the store it looked a little…cheap and flammable. I guess that’s what happens when designers don’t have the luxury of working with, well, luxury materials.

You can check out Refinery29’s roundup of the entire collection here. In addition to the lovely purple dress above, the collection includes three other orchid-print items: a button down shirt, a full length dress, and a sweatshirt that I think I probably definitely also need.

Altuzarra for Target orchid shirt
Altuzarra for Target black orchid dress
Altuzarra for Target white Phalaenopsis orchid sweatshirt

You know I must keep growing my orchid apparel collection with at least one of these pieces. The more I look at the sweatshirt, the more I fall in love with it as much as the dress. I just hope these items look as nice in person as they do online. I just hope there won’t be any hair-pulling or eye-poking in the store to get at these clothes. Just kidding…I don’t line up to buy clothes in stores. I can only handle lines once a year at Comic-Con, like the good nerd that I am.  I’ll be trying for these online (HAHAHAHAHA…fingers crossed).  🙂

Edited to add that the Altuzarra for Target collection drops** on Sunday, September 14.

*Thanks, awesome husband, for dumpster diving and bartering with other nerds at SDCC 2014 to get me the bag I really wanted!

**I gotta say I feel a little weird and incredibly uncool using the term “drops,” but it felt appropriate here.

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