Orchid Jewelry by Koni Creations (+ A Special Offer)

We orchid lovers just can’t get enough of our favorite flowers. Recently, I wrote about some of the orchid clothing that has begun to accumulate in my closet, and I now have a couple beautiful orchid accessories to add to my collection. New online jewelry company Koni Creations was kind enough to send me this lovely pair of Dendrobium Sonia earrings*, which were created by dipping orchid petals in resin:

Dendrobium Sonia Earrings by Koni Creations
Dendrobium Sonia Earrings by Koni Creations

I just love the color of these—the photo does not even do them justice. The color is a really rich indigo-fading-to-turquoise with dark purple veins running throughout. While the earrings may look like they would be heavy, they’re really quite lightweight. No doorknockers hanging from my lobes here! And the price is nice at $20 a pair.

Koni Creations also sent me a bonus orchid petal necklace that complements the earrings nicely:

Koni Creations Orchid Necklace
Koni Creations Orchid Necklace

Again, the true colors of this orchid pendant just don’t come through 100% in my photo. I’m a sucker for a anything purple or blue, so this piece is right up my alley. Here’s what the earrings and necklace look like on me (yep, I’m a vampire…ignore my blindingly pale skin):

Thanks, Koni Creations!

Koni Creations’ collection includes a variety of orchid earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. The full orchid flower necklaces are especially alluring, like the Blue Vanda, the Pink Cattleya, and the Purple Dendrobium Lucy tipped with 24K gold. All of their pieces are quite affordable—nothing costs more than $45.

Here’s a little tip: between now and July 15th, Koni Creations will include a free orchid petal necklace (like the one they graciously sent me) with the purchase of any orchid necklace priced at $35 or more.

Bedeck yourself in these wearable flowers and let your orchid flag fly!

*Disclaimer: I received the products featured in this post for review purposes, but I will not receive any other form of compensation. This post does not contain affiliate links. All opinions in this post are my own. For more information, read my full disclosure policy.


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  1. Hi, I tried to order the Dendroblum Sona earrings on Friday, but my order didn’t go through. I also wanted a blue orchid necklace. I think your orchids are beautiful! Do you have clip on earrings? Please send an order form so I may place an order and give a credit card to you.
    Thank you,
    Nancy Mendel
    561 315-0617

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