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Girlie Moment: Orchid Dress + Other Orchid Apparel

At the Celebrate Brooklyn Opening Gala
At the Celebrate Brooklyn Opening Gala

I need to take a second to talk about the fact that I’ve officially become that person who wears clothing items related to my hobby. Like many, I subscribe to several of those “flash sale” websites and occasionally I’ll spend a little time browsing for a good deal. Not long ago, I found a Jack by BB Dakota dress on Hautelook that was covered in a pretty orchid print, and I knew I had to have it. I had clicked on that particular brand’s sale because my wedding dress was BB Dakota and the fit was perfect, so I figured I’d see what else they had to offer. And this dress did not disappoint! It’s covered in Paphs and Dendrobiums, which of course only orchid nerds would really appreciate. :  )

In early June, my husband and I attended the opening night gala for Celebrate Brooklyn in Prospect Park, and the dress code was “summer cocktail party.”  I could not have found a more perfect dress for the event! I’ll be wearing it at another summer party tomorrow night…[Shamless plug for my husband’s business in 3…2…1…] Brooklyn Winery’s sold-out Summer Rosé Party.

I also recently bought a Supermaggie t-shirt on sale at a street fair thinking it had a Dendrobium graphic design on it, but according to the website they are jonquils. In my mind they’ll always be orchids:

My “orchid” t-shirt

Anyone who knows me is aware that I love wearing ridiculous socks year-round. Most of my socks are Halloween themed, but I have some others like a pair with the London Tube map on them (TUBE SOCKS—HAH) that I bought while visiting the city. My mom sends me the occasional random socks, and awhile back she sent me these Phal socks by Wheel House Designs:


Do you wear orchid print apparel or accessories with orchids on them? What’s the craziest orchid apparel you’ve ever received as a gift?


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