Brooklyn Orchids

Patting Myself on the Back for My Paph…and more

I’ve tried growing three different Paphiopedilums (lady slippers) and have killed two out of those three. The third, however, has been chugging along happily and put up a spike a little while ago. And now, I’m so proud to say that it is currently in bloom, with one fully opened flower and two developing buds!

NOID Paph in bloom!

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Orchid of the Week: Paphiopedilum Micranthum

It’s a dreary day in Brooklyn today, but at least it’s not freakin’ snowing again. I’ll take warm and wet over dry and frozen any day. Because I can feel a touch of spring in the air, I’ve chosen to feature a cute little orchid with springy colors: Paphiopedilum micranthum.

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Great Ikea Find: Lady Slipper Orchid

Along with the month of March came a lovely day in Brooklyn: sunny with temperatures in the 40s (as I type this my weather widget says it’s 49 degrees)! I’ve been hibernating in my apartment a lot because of all the shitty weather we’ve been having—February 2010 broke the record for snowiest month ever in NYC. Ugh, all this white stuff is not for me. So when I got up this morning and realized how nice it was outside, I decided to take a long stroll—something I haven’t done in awhile.

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