Blog Neglect and Orchid Collection Update

Dear Orchid Blog,

I’m aware that I’ve totally neglected you as of late. I promise to be a better blog caretaker.



With that out of the way, I’d like to give a quick update on some of the growth that is going on in my orchid collection, starting with my NOID Oncidium that is going to bloom soon!

Lots of buds developing

I bought that orchid a year ago at Ikea and it’s been doing really well, obviously. Just look at that plump, juicy pseudobulb where the spike is growing out of. Yippeee!

Slightly less exciting but good nonetheless is a lot of new growth taking place. Plenty of photos below…

My Dendrobium aggregatum from Lowe’s:

Third new growth in the past couple months

Iwanagara appleblossom, also from Lowe’s:

Good growth, plus new roots

Two new growths on my Encyclia cochleata from Hausermann’s:

Two new growths, visible on the left and the right

A nice fast-growing sprout on my Bollopetalum from the NYBG:

Diagonal sprout

Nice growth on my Oncidium ampliatum from Lowe’s (apparently, I buy a lot of orchids there):

Slow growing little guy

A couple new little growths are starting to make their appearance on my NOID Dendrobium from the BBG:

Tiny green shoots

And my peloric Phal from Home Depot is putting out a fat side spike:

The side spike is a lot fatter than the spike it’s growing from

So, overall my orchids are doing really well. All of this growth is a sign of good things to come. And by good things, I mean lots and lots of beautiful blooms! My keiki grow paste experiment is…well…I’ll just have to do a separate post on that. So stay tuned!

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