Orchid of the Week: Dendrobium Green Lantern

This week’s orchid is the Dendrobium Green Lantern, in honor of the movie that comes out in theaters today. Okay, so this is just a good excuse to post a picture of Ryan Reynolds in costume:

Green Lantern, The Superhero

On to the Green Lantern orchid. The Dendrobium Green Lantern is a lovely hybrid of Thai and Vietnamese species (Dendrobium Dawn Maree x Dendrobium cruentum) with a furry coral-colored lip and white petals with light green striping.

Photo credit: joeysplanting, Flickr
Photo credit: catwalker808, orchidboard.com
Photo credit: floridanaturepictures.com

I’m not really sure where the “Green Lantern” name came from, because there are certainly much greener orchids out there (like the Aeranthes grandiflora, which I featured awhile back). But hey, it’s still gorgeous no matter what. And who knows—maybe it has some sort of superpowers.  😀

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