My Visit to The Orchid Show: On Broadway

Entrance Display

Yesterday morning, my boyfriend and I rented a Zipcar (to avoid sitting on the subway for 3+ hours to and from the Bronx) and drove up to the New York Botanical Garden for the annual Orchid Show! I’ve been talking about going to this show for awhile and was so, so excited to go! My visit to the NYBG’s Orchid Show in 2009 was what initially sparked my interest in these amazing plants, so this show holds a special place in my memories.

As you may know, this year’s theme is “On Broadway.” The display in the entrance to the Enid A. Haupt Conservatory is seen in the photo above, with orchids creating a proscenium arch and stage in the middle of the large reflecting pool. This display is comprised mostly of Cymbidiums and Epidendrums in yellows, oranges, and reds…and it’s quite a show-stopper (heehee).

Quick warning: LOTS of photos are ahead!  🙂

Now, let’s get on with it! I’d like to share some of my favorite orchids and photos from the show, starting with this adorable Epidendrum (click on any photo to see a larger version):

These orchids look like Beaker from the Muppets!

An Appleblossom! I have one of these and can’t wait till it blooms. This particular variety smells great:

xJackfowliera Appleblossom ‘Woodland’
Arpophyllum spicatum…the blooms are TINY!
Gorgeous orchid chandelier

I didn’t see the tag for this pretty peachy-orange orchid…anyone know what it is? Something from the Oncidium Alliance, I imagine.

Any idea what this is?
xOdontocidium Sunlight ‘Pacific Punch’
In keeping with the Broadway theme, I call this one “The Opera Singer”

Oncidium Dancing Ladies were in attandance! These were unique—a pretty, bright orange-yellow with a purer yellow color on the outer edge of the petals:

Oncidium Dancing Lady
Didn’t get the name of this lovely Phal
Vanda lamellata var. boxalii
xAscocenda Carolyn Ellis
Arches and Columns of Orchids
Fantastic Phals

I think I found a mounted Haraella retrocalla for sale in the gift shop—this one was my Orchid of the Week awhile back! I couldn’t see what the orchid’s tag said, but check out my earlier post for comparison.

Haraella retrocalla

Also found this miniscule mounted orchid in the gift shop but couldn’t see the tag. The blooms are SO, SO small…like they’d be measured in millimeters rather than centimeters. I’d estimate the flowers are about 3-5 mm in diameter.

TINY orchid
Incredibly small blooms

The orchids for sale in the gift shop will rape your wallet are expensive, but I saw a couple specimens of this Bollopetalum Midnight Blue ‘Cardinal’s Roost’ for $32, which is a steal compared to most of the others (sorry the pic is a little blurry):

Bollopetalum Midnight Blue ‘Cardinal’s Roost’

I decided to treat myself! I didn’t buy the orchid in the above photo—I found a second Bollopetalum with some new root growth, plus two spikes and two buds on each, so I chose that one. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the buds don’t blast, because the blooms will be so incredibly lovely. That dark indigo color is one of my personal favorites, and to find it on an orchid is so exciting! Anyway, here’s my new orchid:

My Bollopetallum!

I took over a hundred photos at the show, including some of non-orchids that I passed along the way (succulents and cacti always make for fun photo subjects!), so if you want to check out all of my pics, you can visit my Flickr photoset.

If you’re in the New York area, I highly recommend The Orchid Show. Especially while it’s still pretty cool outside, visiting this tropical wonderland is delightful. It’s well worth the $20 admission fee! I definitely want to make another trip to the show before it ends on April 25.

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  1. Nice… but that Bollopetalum is often available at Trader Joe’s for 17 $ and usually it is a larger plant. But I understand wanting a memento for a nice day. Not sure if I will go to the NYBG orchid show. I prefer to see plants how they grow in nature and I feel the Brooklyn Botanic Garden displays look more like a piece of jungle rather than some florist display!

    But I am tempted still. The one time I went to the NYBG I found some Tillandsias for a buck or 2 and got some of those. I started actually to put spome small Tillandsias on top of the medium on some orchid pots to keep some moisture. I feel in my apt the top of the medium dries way too fast,

    Where did you get the Jackfowliera? I am into species but I am curious about that one.

    1. My Appleblossom is actually an Iwanagara Appleblossom, but it is supposed to look very similar. I got it at Lowe’s awhile back, it was one of those orchids that comes in a net bag.

      I’ve never seen the Bollopetalum at TJ’s before! Now I’ll have to be on the lookout. Hopefully the one I got will end up being worth the price. 🙂

  2. I think Iwanagara now is called Jackfowliera. Did you get it on sale at Lowes? The do not carry those orchids anymore. Your camera seems really good for macro! Well your Bollopetalum is nice, it will grow larger. Sometimes at TJ it is without a tag/name but very similar. I just find you can find better deals than at the Botanic Gardens!

    1. Better deals at TJs…that’s for sure!! Most of my orchids are from there, Lowe’s, Ikea, or Home Depot. I don’t usually spend too much on them. In fact, I think this Bollopetalum is my most expensive orchid yet.

      I didn’t realize that Iwanagara had a new name, no wonder. I think I spent about $12 on mine when I bought it last summer. I didn’t see any of those net bag orchids at Lowe’s when I went a couple weeks ago – I wonder if they’ll ever start selling them again.

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