New Orchid Blooms (Finally)!

First New Blooms in Some Time

It happened! One of my orchids finally rebloomed! I updated my blog a little while back about a new spike on my NOID Trader Joe’s orchid. I could tell that the first bloom would probably open up while we were in Los Angeles for Thanksgiving, but to my surprise, two blooms had opened by the time we returned on Monday night:

Trader Joe's Phal in bloom

Here’s a closer look at the first bloom:

New bloom #1

And the second:

New bloom #2

I just love the light blush tinge of the petals and the yellow-and-peach-striped lip. I’m thrilled that I finally got one of my orchids to rebloom! It’s been entirely too long because our apartment doesn’t have the best light and I’ve been too lazy to do an artificial light setup. At least we’ll be moving early next year and I can do a proper growing setup!

I also wanted to share a couple photos of the orchid that my friend sent us when we put our cat Walter to sleep. The blooms have opened up beautifully:

Orchid blooms opened up

The second-to-last bud is blasting, but it looks like the final bud on the spike might still open up okay.

Here’s a closeup of one of the beautiful blooms:

Orchid bloom close-up

I love having these long-lasting flowers in my apartment again! It’s always tempting to buy new blooming orchids when mine aren’t in bloom, but I’ve been pretty good about not doing that lately (mostly because I spend all my money on beauty products, haha).

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Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!


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