Orchid of the Week: Ludisia discolor

My mom, also a fan of orchids, gave me a suggestion for this week’s featured orchid: Ludisia discolor, also known as the jewel orchid. This orchid is actually terrestrial, as opposed to many well-known orchid genera like Phalaenopsis, which are epiphytes. Ludisia blooms are small and white with a sunny yellow center, as evidenced by this lovely photo:

Ludisia discolor
Photo credit: Luiz Felipe Varella, Flickr

This orchid’s velvety foliage is *almost* more interesting than its blooms. Check out this pretty pink-striped variety:

Ludisia discolor foliage
Photo credit: aaoe.fr

Another example is this green-striped variety, which would make a nice-looking houseplant even if it never bloomed:

Ludisia discolor foliage
Photo credit: Ramsis, Flickr

These orchids are native to Malaysia, Indonesia, and Burma, and are known for being fairly easy to propagate in the home.

Let’s take one more look at the Ludisia discolor’s tiny blooms:

Ludisia discolor blooms
Photo credit: musicloveranthony, Flickr

These jewel orchid blooms remind me a bit of my Oncidium Twinkle Fragrance Fantasy, which is currently putting out two spikes! Soon (knock on wood) I will have cute little white-and-yellow flowers of my own to admire. 🙂

Thanks, Mom, for the Orchid of the Week suggestion. If anyone else has any suggestions for orchids you’d like to see me feature, feel free to leave me a comment!

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