Stick a Fork in It.

Yeah…I could tell this was coming. I had to call time of death for the plant from Trader Joe’s formerly known as The Orchid That Won’t Die.

This is what it looked like last night before I tossed it into the garbage (ouch, it hurts to say that):

Sad Orchid
Just a shell of its former self
Close-up of dead orchid

Sad FaceTM. This orchid put such a valiant effort over the last six months. I can’t believe this plant held on for so long!!

So, to the beautiful little orchid that could: RIP. Thanks for trying so hard.

White and pink orchid in bloom
Orchid in happier times

My Official Orchid Kill Count is now up to 5. More Sad FaceTM.

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  1. Oh – I’m so sorry to hear of your orchids death – actually the one I have now – is a twin of yours – when it was in its better days (I got mine in January). I’m having panic attacks as I’m going on holidays for 3 weeks – and the guy who comes by to take care of my rug rats (cats) – has no clue about plant watering, etc. I hope to come home to an orchid that isn’t upset because I left it all alone (I talk to my plants – hey – they are living just like us – right?).

    1. Thanks Anna! Just make sure your plant-watering guy knows to let the orchids DRAIN after he waters them, and they should hopefully be in good shape when you get back! Good luck, let me know how it goes. And have a great vacation!!

  2. Hello! I’ve been reading your posts, because like you I have a sick orchid. I have several that are happy and actively growing, but for some reason this one phal is just not doing well. I have decided to do the sphag and bag (my root system is much worse than yours was). While looking at your pics I noticed that it looks like you are planting most of your orchids in sphagnum moss. I have had better luck with using mostly bark as my potting medium. Three of my orchid like wetter conditions so I used a layer of bark at the bottom (for drainage) and a mixture of bark and and sphag to hold moisture up top where the roots are (the mix allows for better aeration). Have you ever tried this sort of mix?

    1. Hi! I have tried a bunch of medium variations on my Phals. Sometimes I put a layer of bark at the bottom and then use sphag, sometimes I mix sphag with bark, and sometimes I just use bark. And then if, after awhile, I see that an orchid hasn’t been putting out new roots or leaves, I’ll change up the potting medium and see if another variation works better. Honestly it sort of depends on my mood at the time (definitely not the most scientific way of growing orchids!!).

      Good luck with your sick orchid, I hope you’re able to nurse it back to health. I think the key to healing a sick orchid is keeping the humidity up. Maybe you’ll have better luck than I did with mine.

  3. BTW, my orchid I wrote to you about a few years ago – is still going strong! In the same container I bought it in (is that good) – has LOTS of fingery roots going out (they are nestling with my African violets). Right now, have a nice flower root that will soon be bursting with about 5-7 flowers. I’m afraid to repot it (with what you say you use above) – but is it good to have roots all wavering over the place? I know in the wild (seen a few growing on trees in Disney World in Orlando) – they attach themselves to trees – and grow off of them – so not really sure what do do. Mine is right next to kitchen sink – so it gets LOTS of humidity (all I do is wash dishes – why oh why do people have to dirty up dishes when we eat ).

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