Sunday Night Orchid Surprise

My boyfriend made a shopping trip to Trader Joe’s on Sunday night and returned with a beautiful surprise for me!*

My pretty new Oncidium!

Such bright blooms
A perfect bloom.

The flowers are waxy in texture, with a light fragrance. The plant is clearly part of the Oncidium Alliance, but the tag on the plant just says “Intergeneric Orchid” and “Matsui Nursery” on the back. I googled Matsui Nursery and began checking out photos of the Oncidiums that they grow…and I came to the conclusion that this guy is an Odontocidium ‘Tiger Crow.’

How can I be so sure? Upon googling images of “Odontocidium Tiger Crow” I found some good pics for comparison:

Photo credit:
Photo credit: mdv_graupe, Flickr

I think this is what they mean when they say “Nailed It!”

*Thank you my love…you are THE BEST!

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