Orchid of the Week: Galeandra batemanii

The first thing I thought of when I saw the name of this week’s orchid was this guy:

Patrick Bateman

But the Galeandra batemanii is named after James Bateman, not Patrick Bateman. Phew. Let’s have a look at this orchid, shall we?

Galeandra batemanii

This orchid is native to Mexico, Belize, Guatamala, Honduras, and Nicaragua. It’s an epiphytic orchid related to Cymbidiums. Galeandra orchids in general are known as “hooded orchids” due to the shape of the bloom. Personally I think they’re more bell-shaped, but what do I know. The blooms actually remind me a bit of Cypripedium reginae blooms—like if you sliced down the middle of a Cyp bloom’s pouchy lip it might look like the Galeandra batemanii.

Galeandra batemanii
Photo credit: Eric in SF, Flickr
Galeandra batemanii
Photo credit: mayamai26, Flickr

Also, I bought a second new phal this week. I told you last week that I was getting the itch! I’ll do a separate post with some photos of my other new phal today.  😀

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