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Patting Myself on the Back for My Paph…and more

I’ve tried growing three different Paphiopedilums (lady slippers) and have killed two out of those three. The third, however, has been chugging along happily and put up a spike a little while ago. And now, I’m so proud to say that it is currently in bloom, with one fully opened flower and two developing buds!

NOID Paph in bloom!

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“The Orchid Show: Patrick Blanc’s Vertical Gardens” is Now Open!

The New York Botanical Garden‘s tenth annual Orchid Show opened this past Saturday! I haven’t had a chance to go yet, but my friend and her mom went the day before the show opened to the public, on “member day.” My friend texted me from there and said that I was going to freak out over how amazing it is!! She sent me a few photos from her visit…and the displays certainly do look stunning:

Vertical Garden – Photo by Monique Hartl

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“Winter” 2012 Bloom Update!

Winter is the season in which many Phals display their full potential. While it actually doesn’t feel so wintery in NYC these days, my Phals are responding to the season as they should. I have a few orchids in bloom that I want to share with you! One of them is the Phal that opened up in mid January; a few more buds have opened and there are still more to come:

So many pretty flowers!

The second is a beautiful, colorful bloom on a side shoot of the Phal that my parents sent me for my 33rd birthday last summer:

Birthday orchid

And possibly the most exciting of the three, my Tolumnia from Lowe’s is finally beginning to bloom again!

Tolumnia bloom opening up

Another one of my Phals and two of my Phal keikis (one potted on its own, one still attached to its mother) are in spike too, so there will be blooms aplenty in the house soon.  🙂

Lush on February 10 at Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Dave Horak, BBG Orchid Curator with a lovely orchid. Photo by Elizabeth Peters

Attention all Brooklyn orchid lovers-slash-party people! On Friday, February 10, Brooklyn Botanic Garden is throwing what sounds like an incredibly fun bash called Lush. The party is being held in the BBG Palm House and will include the following:

  • Live music from boogaloo band Spanglish Fly (I actually have no idea what “boogaloo” style music is, but I imagine it’s festive)
  • Tunes spun by WFMU’s Mr. Fine Wine and DJ Turmix
  • Open bar with fragrant fruit juices and cocktails
  • Mexican fruit ice pops from La Newyorkina
  • Empanaditas from Purple Yam
  • Latin-inspired confections from Tumbador Chocolate
  • Mexican munchies from Chavela’s (I’ve eaten there and the food is delish!)
  • Tropical fruit bites from Peeled Snacks
  • Custom cut leaf silhouettes by artist Aaron Birk (this in particular sounds really cool and I’m curious to see the end result!)

But the most exciting part? I’ll let the event’s press release speak for itself:

“BBG curator Dave Horak will bring guests behind the scenes of BBG’s orchid collection, introducing some of the world’s most remarkable tropical specimens in BBG’s care. Guests will also have a special chance to see the orchid nursery, usually unavailable for public viewing, and learn about the critical conservation of tropical orchids.”

Dave Horak, BBG Orchid Curator. Photo by Elizabeth Peters

The events runs from 8pm to midnight and tickets are $65 a pop. I’m going to try to swing it, though being mostly unemployed makes it a hard for me to spend $65 for an evening out. The party does sound like it will be well worth it, though. Anyone out there planning to go?

Correction: I originally stated that tickets are $75, but they are in fact $65 apiece.

Link Change Announcement: Is Here!

Lady Slipper at BBG

I have some exciting news! Exciting to me, anyway. You may or may not have noticed that my blog has begun redirecting to a different URL. That’s because I now have my very own site:

My blog looks basically the same as before, only now I have my own URL minus the “wordpress” part. I have my wonderful boyfriend to thank for helping me get this site set up properly, because if I tried to do it myself it would probably look like a website created in the 1990s.

What does this mean for you, Constant Reader*? Not much, as the site will redirect to if you point your browser toward my old URL, But if you happen to have my site bookmarked or you subscribe to it in an RSS reader, you’ll want to make sure to use instead.

Why “bklyn” instead of the full-on “brooklyn”? Well, was already taken—though no real website exists for that domain (booo, hiss!). Some folks use “BKLYN” to abbreviate the borough’s name, so I decided to go with that. It’s not hard to remember; just think “Brooklyn” without the “roo.”  🙂

So that’s my big announcement! If you see anything funky, please don’t hesitate to let me know by commenting here or emailing me at brooklynorchids [at] gmail [dot] com…though it should theoretically be smooth sailing from here on out. As always, thanks so much for reading my little ol’ blog!!

*Yeah, I just used a Stephen King reference. I’m 4 and a quarter books into the Dark Tower series, so King is in my brain right now…just call it ka.

My First New Bloom of 2012

Just a bit more than two weeks into 2012 and I have the first new bloom of the year! It’s a pretty little Phal that I bought at Trader Joe’s, probably about a year ago.

My first bloom of 2012!

This is one of the orchids that I’ve been experimenting on with Keiki Grow Paste. I’ve already separated a baby orchid from this plant and potted it on its own…and the baby is also in spike! Can’t wait to see the blooms on that little one. But for now, I will enjoy the blooms that are opening up on this pretty white and peachy-pink Phal.

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