Orchid of the Week: Dendrobium Sonia

In honor of the final episode of Lost (which airs this upcoming Sunday night…*sniff*), the orchid I’ve chosen for this week is the Dendrobium Sonia, which is commonly used in Hawaiian leis:

Dendrobium Sonia Lei
Photo credit: alohaflowersleis.com

Here you can see this hybrid beauty in its natural, non-lei’d state:

Dendrobium sonia
Image credit: bluenanta.com

Gorgeous! Just looking at these blooms takes me away to a tropical paradise.

The Dendrobium Sonia is a type of Dendrobium Phalaenopsis, which, as you may deduce from its name, is a plant similar in habitat and appearance to the Phalaenopsis orchid. In addition to leis, you’ll often see these dens in cut flower arrangements and sometimes as a plate garnish at Asian restaurants (particularly Thai). Supposedly the blooms are edible but I don’t know how I feel about eating flowers. Personally, I’d much rather just grow them and enjoy their beauty in my home.

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