Happy New Year! + NYBG Orchid Show 2018 Dates

Happy 2018, everybody! Now that we’ve put the dumpster fire called 2017 behind us, my wish is that 2018 is filled with less stress, outrage, and drama…globally.

Although I no longer live in New York City I wanted to post about this year’s New York Botanical Garden Orchid Show dates. The first time I attended the Orchid Show was the day my obsession with these plants began, so it will always hold a special place in my heart. Sadly, I didn’t even get to go to the show last year because we moved to DC at the end of February and I was too busy packing up our apartment to visit the show before our move. Maybe I’ll have a chance to go to NYC and see the show this year!

Phal at Orchid Evenings 2016

The Orchid Show 2018 at New York Botanical Garden will run from Saturday, March 3 through Sunday, April 22. There doesn’t seem to be a specific theme this year, but Belgian floral designer (“bloembinder” in his language) Daniel Ost is creating a series of installations that will “celebrate the complex beauty of these stunning flowers.” Below is a sneak peek of the Orchid Show 2018 (video by NYBG), in which you can get a sense of Mr. Ost’s work…it looks really cool!!

Once tickets go on sale, I recommend buying yours online to save a couple bucks on processing fees. If you hate crowds like I do, weekday mornings are a great time to attend the show, as long as you can make it work with your schedule. The NYBG also hosts Orchid Evenings on select dates throughout the show, with drinks and snacks and music—it’s a whole other way to experience the Orchid Show!

I don’t think the Smithsonian Gardens here in DC has announced its 2018 orchid exhibition just yet, but I’ll keep an eye out so I can check it out like I did with Orchids: A Moment at the Hirshhorn Museum in 2017—which was one of my first cultural activities after moving here! Hillwood Estate, Museum, and Gardens in Northwest DC runs Orchid Month every March, which I didn’t make it to last year. But I’m going to make it a point to visit this year!

A quick housekeeping note: I’m aware that my ads are not displaying properly on mobile devices and I’m working on fixing that. If you ever see anything funky going on with my website, please feel free to comment and let me know so that I can remedy it! I’m not very tech-savvy and it’s just me running this blog with some occasional help from my tech support—aka my husband—but I do what I can.  🙂

One more thing: you can still get a 2018 Brooklyn Orchids calendar from my Zazzle store! It seems like Zazzle almost always has a promo code, so you can usually get my calendar at a discount. I put mine up on January 1 and am very happy with it.  😛

I hope you all had a wonderful time ringing in the New Year. I’m sending out good vibes for all of us this year (and for our plants, too)!

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