Brooklyn Orchids Featured on Orchids Made Easy

Lil’ ol’ me at an orchid nursery

The wonderful Ryan and Laura over at Orchids Made Easy asked me for an interview (awww, shucks) about how I got into orchids and my blog that you’re reading right now. Of course I agreed to the interview! Read the interview here to find out more about my foray into the world of orchids and how I got started blogging about them. I talk about my favorite orchid, and offer up what in my humble opinion are a couple of the best tips for orchid growing.

I’d like to say a big thank you to Ryan and Laura for featuring me and my blog! It’s so great to know that people are actually visiting my site and learning from it in the process. Anything to help out our fellow orchid lovers.  🙂

Oh — and while I’m at it: happy summer to everyone! Hope you all got to enjoy the long weekend and eat some tasty grilled foodstuffs…I know I sure did.

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  1. I visited so many sites until I found your wonderful advice on caring for phalaenopsis plantlets. Thanks so much for your free advice. Now I will try potting my Keikis.

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