Orchid of the Week: Miltonia moreliana

How about that tornado we had in Park Slope last night?? I was in Williamsburg when the tornado blew through my own neighborhood, so I wasn’t around to witness the madness in the Slope. But, there was large gumball-sized hail coming down in Williamsburg when the storm hit. I don’t think I’ve seen hail in about fifteen years!

Anyway, after failing to do an Orchid of the Week post last Friday, I’m back for another installment. This week, I’ve chosen the Miltonia moreliana, a pretty purple specimen native to Brazil:

Miltonia moreliana
Photo credit: Idalecio Santos, Flickr

Miltonia moreliana
Photo credit: Mauro Rosim, Flickr

I wasn’t able to find much info about this orchid online other than where it grows in the wild. But, according to 300 Orchids by Jane Boosey, this flower was first grown in France by a man named Monsieur Morel, who it is named after. This orchid can be grown in the home, but it needs to be kept moist in order to thrive.

Purple is my favorite color, so naturally I’m enamored with this one.

Image credit: blullamaorchids.wordpress.com

Looking at these photos is giving me the orchid-buying itch again. Uh-oh….

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