Basic Orchid Supplies for the Home Grower

Photo credit: otolithe (olivier roux), Flickr

Updated October 23, 2019

When I first started buying orchids for my home, I wished I had a list of basic supplies to have on hand. So to help out other beginner orchid growers, I’ve created that very list. Also, I just like making lists, so this post is a fun one for me!

Potting Medium

Orchid newbies usually end up with Phalaenopsis orchids; the best type of potting medium for that kind of orchid is either a bark mixture, sphagnum moss, or a combination of the two. First Rays has a really good article about choosing potting media for your orchid plants.

Cutting Tools

You’ll need sterile razor blades or gardening shears [paid link] to snip off rotten roots or flower spikes that have turned brown. To be completely honest, for awhile I used regular old scissors to cut my orchids’ roots. If you use scissors or shears, make sure to sterilize them before moving on to a different plant so that you don’t spread bacteria, mold, or other nasties from one plant to another. Which brings me to…

Rubbing Alcohol or Matches/Lighter

This is for sterilizing your garden shears (not necessary if you use a fresh razor blade for each plant). To do this, I soak a cotton ball with alcohol and thoroughly wipe down all cutting surfaces of the shears. Or you can take a flame to the edges of the shears. These probably aren’t the most foolproof sterilizing methods, but I think they get the job done just fine. If you’re worried that using one of these methods doesn’t do the trick, double up and use both! Just be careful using flames around alcohol…no house fires!

Spray Bottle

If your orchids have a lot of aerial roots, a spray bottle comes in handy. I spritz my aerial roots each morning using a catnip spray bottle that I emptied and washed thoroughly before filling with plain ol’ tap water. I love this particular bottle’s fine mist, but whatever type of mister you prefer is fine. You could try something like a (clean) plastic body splash bottle, like those from Bath & Body Works or Victoria’s Secret.

Orchid Fertilizer

Part of basic orchid care is making sure the plant gets the right nutrients it needs to grow. I fertilize my orchids weakly, weekly with 1/2 scoop MSU Feed Me! Orchid Food [paid link] dissolved in a gallon of tap water. So the next item on my list is…

One-Gallon Container

I bought a $.99 gallon of spring water at my local grocery store. Once I drank all the water, I began using the container to mix and store my orchid fertilizer. Cheap, simple, and effective.

Pot Saucers

Many orchids are sold in plastic pots with drainage holes in the bottom. For those that don’t come with a saucer [paid link] you’ll want to have a few on hand, whether they are terra cotta, plastic, ceramic, or whatever else you can afford. This way you can place your orchid anywhere in your home without having to worry about water leakage ruining your antique coffee table.

Bamboo Stakes

Bamboo stakes [paid link] are essential for supporting flower spikes upright when they begin to emerge from the base of your orchid. Staking spikes helps keep the plant from falling over once the blooms open up—they can get really top heavy! Upright spikes also just make for a more attractive flower display.

Flower Spike Clips/Twist-Ties

You’ll need these items to secure the flower spike to the bamboo stake. You can get really cutesy flower, bee, butterfly, or dragonfly clips [paid link] in all sorts of different colors, or you can just use plain old twist-ties. Whatever floats your boat.

It may sound like a lot of stuff to have around, but the best part about these items is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money on them. In fact, you may already have most of these things on hand already.  A little resourcefulness goes a long way!


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  1. Thanks for the tips on basic supplies. I love reading about your orchids.

    In case you might be interested Ikea in Redhook has onc and paph for 14.99. =) I was very tempted to pick some up. They seem to be in pretty good conditions. It took every bit of will power not to buy any. Also the home depot on 23rd street just got a new shipment of orchids on Monday, they are in great shape.

    1. Thanks for the comment! I’m sure I’ll be making at least one or two Ikea trips in the next month because I’m moving into a new apartment in July. I might have to buy myself a housewarming orchid there. 🙂

      I was at that Home Depot on Monday and I definitely had to restrain myself!

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