Post-Move Update: Orchids Lost, Orchids Gained

Orchids in their new home

I finally got my internet connection set up, nearly two weeks after moving into my new place. You know that that means: back to blogging! Because I’ve been away from the computer for awhile, this is gonna be a pretty epic post.

My orchids all did well on moving day, which was two weeks ago as of tomorrow. I packed the plants in several boxes but left the tops open; my boyfriend and I moved them ourselves in a U-Haul van along with his saltwater fish and corals, which he placed temporarily in giant buckets of water. This cargo was too precious to allow our movers to handle.

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Orchid of the Week: Iwanagara Appleblossom

This week’s orchid is one that is part of my own collection: Iwanagara Appleblossom, which I bought at Lowe’s a couple weeks ago (mine is not in bloom). According to judywhite’s book Bloom-Again Orchids, this hybrid is a man-made cross of SIX different genera (three of which I’ve never even heard of!): Cattleya x Caularthron x Guarianthe x Laelia x Rhyncholaelia x Sophronitis. It’s amazing that orchid growers were able to create such a thing of beauty:

Iwanagara appleblossom
Photo credit: Xmpraedicta, Flickr

The blooms are fragrant and can be super strong, especially in the morning. In the home, this orchid can be grown in a similar environment as cattleyas.

Iwanagara appleblossom blooms
Photo credit: Nurelias, Flickr

I was super excited to find this orchid at Lowe’s and I just HAD to have it! Unfortunately my plant may be a bit of a project, as it only had a few decent roots by the time I finished cutting away the rotten ones when I first brought it home. I am keeping my hopes up for this one – looks like it will be incredibly rewarding if I can nurse it back to health and get it to bloom!