Smithsonian Orchid Exhibit 2019

Orchids: Amazing Adaptations

I finally made it to this year’s Smithsonian Orchid Exhibit! I kept putting it off for kind of a dumb reason: the exhibit is located in the beautiful Kogod Courtyard inside the Smithsonian American Art Museum, which doesn’t open until 11:30am. And I prefer to get up and do activities first thing in the morning. But I finally made my way there yesterday just after opening and it was well worth the visit!

Kogod Courtyard

This year’s theme is Orchids: Amazing Adaptations and it “showcases how orchids have adapted to their many different environments, and can be found on every single continent except Antarctica.”

I took lots of photos, but I’m sharing some of my favorites here!

I started off by checking out a section of the exhibit filled with lady’s slipper orchids. There were so many insanely gorgeous specimens on display! I fell in love with this bright coral-pink Phragmipedium Barbara LeAnn:

I also loved this Paphiopedilum Norito Hasegawa. Look at that extra bulbous lip!

These twinsie Paphs were super cute (I didn’t see their tag):

And I always love vibrant wine-colored blooms like this Paph Harrisianum:

These rose-tinged Cymbidiums captured my heart:

The displays are so beautiful, especially with the sun-dappled light coming through the atrium ceiling:

I didn’t see the tag for these, but they were stunning:

There were a couple areas filled with an array of colorful Phalaenopsis:

I’m a sucker for peachy-red Phals like this one:

The vibrant orange-yellow on these Dendrobium blooms will brighten anyone’s day:

I’m always taken with the unusual, twisty-turny blooms on the Dendrobium spectabile:

I fell in love with this Zygopetalum-adjacent x Ianclarkara Cheyenne Marie ‘Lemoncello’:

Of course I stopped to admire the various Zygopetalums and breathe in their amazing fragrance:

The Bulbuphyllum echinolabium is a show-stopper (it was too far back in the display for me to capture a good shot with my iPhone):

Those are just some of the beauties I admired during my visit! The exhibit runs through April 28, so if you haven’t seen it yet, I recommend stopping by. It’s not nearly as big as the New York Botanical Garden Orchid Show, but it’s still a must-see for orchid and plant lovers!

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