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St. Louis Visit: Mom’s Beautiful Orchid Blooms

Happy Black Friday Day After Thanksgiving, everyone! My husband and I flew to St. Louis yesterday to visit with my parents for a few days and had a lovely dinner with them last night (thanks, Mom!).

Like me, my mom is an orchid enthusiast, and she currently has 15 orchids in the house. They’re spread out over a few different rooms, but most of them are getting southern exposure and are looking quite well. Two of them are blooming like gangbusters at the moment, and they’re so gorgeous that I wanted to share! Apologies for the iPhone quality photos—I actually FORGOT to pack my camera for this trip! Who am I?! I never forget my camera!

First up is a nice, large Oncidium Intergeneric Green Valley Honey ‘Sweet Lady’ which has one spike in full bloom and a second spike in development:

A very nice-sized orchid plant!
A very nice-sized orchid plant!

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Orchid of the Week: Brassolaeliocattleya Hawaiian Passion

After a multi-week break, Orchid of the Week is back! And this time I chose my newest orchid, Brassolaeliocattleya Hawaiian Passion “Carmela.” It’s a gorgeous specimen that I bought on my visit to Cal Pacific Orchid Farm a few weeks ago. The plant that I bought was in bud, but I snapped a pic of a beautiful one in bloom while I was there:

Amazing green and cream blooms

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An Oncidium in Spike!

I was just misting my orchids with water when I noticed that my Oncidium Twinkle ‘Fragrance Fantasy’ is in spike!! Apparently I haven’t been paying close enough attention to this one, because the spike is already about one and a half or two inches tall. You can kinda see the spike peeking up out of the center of the plant in this photo (click to enlarge):

Oncidium Twinkle 'Fragrance Fantasy' in spike
My first Oncidium is in spike!

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