Grammatophyllum Speciosum Blooming at Brooklyn Botanic Garden and Other Wonderful Things

I had forgotten about Brooklyn Botanic Garden’s free winter weekday admission until I saw Brokelyn’s post about it earlier this week. So I made plans to go with my also-marginally-employed friend on Friday morning (random aside: we planned to meet at 11am on 11.11.11!). I’ve been in the mood to go see some orchids, and I was also thinking about how the Grammatophyllum speciosum (AKA the Tiger Orchid) was probably due to bloom soonish. You may remember that I featured this plant as an Orchid of the Week quite awhile back; it’s believed to be the largest type of orchid in the world!

When we got to the Aquatic House at the BBG, we marveled at some lovely Vandas for awhile before I realized that the Tiger Orchid was already in bloom!! This plant is a truly stunning monster:

The amazing Grammatophyllum speciosum in bloom
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Orchid of the Week: Bulbophyllum Putidum

My brother is currently traveling in Thailand during a break from teaching in China. So this week I decided to feature an orchid native to Thailand, where in the next few days my brother is going to be ziplining, riding an elephant, going to a flower festival (yay!), trekking to local tribes in the hills, and more.

Upon googling orchids native to Thailand, I discovered the crazy little gem that is Bulbophyllum putidum:

Bulbophyllum putidum
Photo credit: mass…imiliano, Flickr
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