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Top 5 Posts of 2019 + A New Bloom!

Yet Another Top Post Countdown

It just occurred to me that 2019 marked my 10th year of orchid growing! This means that I’ve officially been into the hobby for a quarter of my life. That’s kind of mind blowing!

Okay, so every website on the planet is doing these “top X of the year” posts…I did it on my personal blog so I’m doing it here too.  🙂 But first, I wanna share a couple pics of my red NOID Phal keiki that started blooming yesterday! This one snuck in just before the end of the year:

Red Phalaenopsis bloom

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Mid-March Bloom and Spike Report

Spring is definitely on the verge of busting out here in Brooklyn, and there’s plenty of growth taking place in my little orchid room. First, I want to share a better photo of my Phal amboinensis Phal bastianii:

Cute waxy blooms

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