NYBG Orchid Show Ends This Sunday

Epidendrum Orchid

If you haven’t yet made a trip to the New York Botanical Garden for this year’s Orchid Show, there are only 3 days left (including today)! The final day for Limp phal leaf is this Sunday, April 11.

The show was so breathtaking that I went not once, but twice. There are more than 5,000 orchids to see — an amazing array of color and variety! The $20 admission fee is well worth it; I highly recommend that you check out the show before it’s too late.

Also, the show curators change out some of the orchids every couple of weeks, so even if you went to the show early on you may still see a whole bunch of different orchids if you return this weekend.

Get your tickets now! I command you. 🙂

Orchid Show, Part Deux

[BE FOREWARNED: Giant Photo Dump Ahead!]Phalaenopsis in bloom

After my first Orchid Show visit at the New York Botanical Garden this year, I vowed to return on a weekday and take my time exploring. Today, I did just that – and it was 100% worth paying another $20 for a ticket.

The NYBG switches out some of the orchids on display throughout the duration of the show, so I got to see some different orchids this time around. They had removed the Zygopetalums, which disappointed me a bit because I wanted to get more photos of those (they’re one of my faves!). Regardless, it was nice to see new blooms rather than the exact same display.

I did a slightly better job of taking photos of the I.D. signs during my second visit so that I could label my pictures properly.  It can be hard to tell which sign relates to which plant, so I labeled the photos as best I could. Hopefully I haven’t made any labeling mistakes, but if I have please feel free to correct me. If I don’t list the name of the orchid in the photo caption, it’s because I couldn’t find it. Again, if you know the name, leave a comment…enlighten me!

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Orchid Show: Cuba in Flower at New York Botanical Garden

[WARNING: Photo-heavy post ahead!]

Two weeks after the Orchid Show opened at the New York Botanical Garden, I made my way up to the Bronx to visit with my boyfriend and friend in tow. The weather was truly hideous; we happened to go on a day that had 60 mph winds and about a metric ton of rain. But once we set foot inside the Enid A. Haupt Conservatory it was like tropical heaven with a beautiful display of orchids around the reflecting pool:

NYBG 2010 Orchid Show: Cuba in Flower

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Orchid Show Visit

Just got home from the Orchid Show at the NYBG — and it was awesome! The weather is truly FOUL out there, rainy and super windy, but luckily my friend has a car and drove us to the garden.

Will post a full update with photos, but here’s a pic of a big, gorgeous Cattleya hybrid for now. It’s labeled as a Brassolaeliocattleya Success Dream x Laeliocattleya Orglade’s Grand:

Brassolaeliocattleya Success Dream x Laeliocattleya Orglade's Grand

Orchid Show, I’m coming for you!

Zygopetalum, NYBG Orchid Show ’09

Guess who just bought her ticket* for the New York Botanical Garden Orchid Show? Yep, that would be me…awwww yeah!

As I mentioned awhile back, the show opened on February 27. Unfortunately I haven’t had a chance to go yet, but this Saturday I’m all over it!

Last year’s Orchid Show at the NYBG is what really spurred this passion of mine and I’m so excited to go back to where it all started for me.

The temperature is supposed to be 49 degrees and rainy this Saturday, but you know what? I don’t care. It was a gray, rainy day when I attended last year but the crap weather made the indoor show that much lovelier. Note to self: make sure you FULLY charge your camera battery before you go this year so that you can capture as much as possible!

*Adult admission is $20, but there is an additional $3 processing fee for printable tickets (they email you a PDF). If you want to pick up your ticket at will call, you have to pay a $6 processing fee! What?!  Guess which option I went for.  🙂

The Orchid Show at NYBG

I am so incredibly excited to go to this year’s Orchid Show at the New York Botanical Garden when it opens. This year’s show is called Cuba in Flower. Last year’s theme was Brazil and it was also my first visit to the garden’s annual orchid show. I was so wowed by what I saw that it kicked off this fun obsession hobby of mine.

The 2010 show runs from February 27 through April 11. Admission is $20 for adults, $18 for seniors/students, $8 for children, and free for members and children under 2. I fully plan to go more than once and really explore.

The NYBG has posted some videos of their show preparations. The most recent video is below – and by the way, how adorable is the opening graphic?! Kudos to the graphic designer for that.

You can see my extensive photoset from the NYBG 2009 Orchid Show on Flickr here.  Lots of orchid photos  and more. The day that I went was so gloomy out, but inside the Enid A. Haupt Conservatory was like orchid nerd heaven! I can’t wait for February 27!

Psychopsis Orchid, NYBG Orchid Show 2009
Psychopsis, NYBG Orchid Show 2009