Brooklyn Orchids 2022 Calendar

12-Month Calendar Featuring My Own Orchids

The 2022 Brooklyn Orchids calendar is now available in my Zazzle shop! Typically with my 12-month calendar I’ll select the best photos that I took at orchid shows and orchid sellers throughout the year, but I didn’t visit any such places in 2021. Happily, though, many of my own orchids bloomed this past year—making it possible to craft a calendar entirely comprised of orchids from my very own collection!

Brooklyn Orchids 2022 Calendar cover

The Brooklyn Orchids 2022 Calendar costs $23.70 (pre-tax and shipping), but Zazzle very often has promo codes…especially since we’re sliding on into the holiday season. The calendar is 20% off through today only (so $18.96 apiece) with promo code XMASCHEERZAZ, but I expect Zazzle will offer many discounts in the coming weeks.

One thing to note is that regular shipping from Zazzle seems like it will take a little longer than usual. I just ordered a couple of my calendars and with regular shipping I’m supposed to get them in about 3 weeks. Also important to note is that Zazzle tried to pull a fast one on me; expedited shipping (almost three times as expensive as regular shipping) was the default shipping method during checkout. So if you order any of my products and don’t need expedited shipping, keep an eye out for that during checkout!

Because masks don’t seem to be fully disappearing from our lives, you can also get orchid print cloth face masks in my Zazzle shop (also 20% off through today with the same promo code as above).

Thank you again for supporting my blog! I appreciate each and every order that comes through. Stay healthy, orchid friends!

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