Orchid Show: Missouri Botanical Garden

One thing I loved about growing up in St. Louis (born & raised!) was the Missouri Botanical Garden, or “Mobot” as it’s known to locals. I have great memories of wandering the garden and collecting Osage Oranges, checking out the Climatron, visiting the amazing Japanese garden, and feeding the HUGE koi. What I don’t remember about Mobot is that they throw an annual Orchid Show—I’m not actually sure when they started doing it. This year’s Mayan-themed show began on January 29 and runs through March 27.

I wish I was in St. Louis right now so that I could go to this show! Fortunately, my mom (also an orchid lover/owner) is going to attend soon, so I’m sure I’ll get the full scoop, with photos, from her. Any readers out there in the St. Louis area—this is definitely something to check out!

To whet your appetite, Mobot has posted a video of last year’s Paris-themed Orchid Show:


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