Orchid of the Week: Cattleya guttata

This week’s orchid is the Cattleya guttata, a smaller, speckled species of Cattleya. This orchid is found in Brazil, often near the coast:

Cattleya guttata
Photo credit: orquideana.com.br

The blooms on this Cattleya range from two to four inches in size, whereas the blooms of other Cattleya species  can be up to eight inches across (or more)!

Cattleya guttata
Photo credit: delfinadearaujo.com

Cattleya guttata can be found in other colors, like this maroon-tinged version:

Cattleya guttata
Photo credit: aaoe.fr

Beautiful, isn’t it?? Many Cattleya flowers are two-toned in color or are monochrome with a sort of watercolor-esque feel. So it’s fun to see a Cattleya variety with unexpected markings like this one’s speckles.

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