Off to San Diego for…Comic-Con!

I made some Dharma Initiative friends at Comic-Con 2009

If you read my blog you are probably aware that I’m a (proud) nerd, as the orchid hobby is a bit totally geeky. But I’m also a nerd in other ways, one being that I AM SO EFFING EXCITED TO GO TO COMIC-CON IN SAN DIEGO THIS WEEK!!

I went to Comic-Con for the first time last year and loved it more than I thought I would. So of course, I have to go back for Round Two!

So at the butt crack of dawn tomorrow, I leave my orchids for 5 days to geek out big time in San Diego. Me on vacation = Orchid of the Week is also on vacation.

What am I most excited about for at this year’s Comic-Con? I’m really there for TV/movie stuff – I’m not into comics. I can’t wait to go to panels for a bunch of my favorite TV shows: Dexter, Fringe, Bones, The Vampire Diaries, plus the panel for AMC’s upcoming zombie show The Walking Dead, based one of the few comics that I actually read. ZOMBIES!1!! My boyfriend and I will be feverishly catching up on Dexter on our flight tomorrow so that we are totally up to speed at this year’s panel. Last year we were a season behind and totally got spoiled…boo.

Too bad there’s no Lost panel this year…last year’s was so fun. They probably aren’t doing one because Carlton & Damon know they would get bulk jars of Dharma Initiative Ranch Dressing thrown at them on stage after their crapfest of an ending. But I digress.

Back to your regularly scheduled orchid program next week!

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