I Haz an Orchid Bloom!

I woke up this morning to this lovely sight:

Beautiful orchid bloom

There’s more where that came from…it’s gonna be so spectacular!

Orchid buds

I must say, this orchid is one of my favorites (out of the ones that I own, I mean). I bought it at the Union Square Greenmarket almost a year ago and it was in bloom when I brought it home. So I’ve successfully gotten this one to rebloom—on a brand new spike and all. Victory!

Also I want to show you a photo of the new leaf that’s growing on one of my not-so-happy orchids—one that I mentioned yesterday:

I think this one’s status as “not-so-happy” can now be upgraded to “recovering.”

Hooo boy, are my orchid leaves dusty! I’m going to give them all a good wipedown with a damp paper towel today.

Happy Thursday!

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