10 Unfortunate Orchid Names

Ok, I’ll admit it. Sometimes my mind is in the gutter. A lot of the time, actually. So when I hear orchid names like the ones listed below, my mind automatically goes there. I’ll let the names speak for themselves. In no particular order, here are…

1. Cattleya labiata

Photo credit: PlatyceriumTatsuta, Picasa

2. Anguloa virginalis

Photo credit: epiforums, Flickr

3. Coelogyne flaccida

Photo credit: cskk, Flickr

4. Cymbidium lowianum ‘Long Spray’

Photo credit: orchidphotos.org

5. Polystachya pubescens

Photo credit: dogtooth77, Flickr

6. Oncidium Golden Shower

7. Arachnis hookeriana

Image credit: orchid.unibas.ch

8. Miltonia Arthur Cobbledick

Photo credit: Eric in SF, Flickr

9. Paphiopedilum Doctor Toot

Image credit: orchideliriumblog.wordpress.com

10. Ascocenda Duang Porn

Photo credit: nattsorchids.com

I’m waiting for a ‘Bovary’ or a ‘Mulva’ variety to show up one of these days.

Do you know of any other unfortunate orchid names? I’m sure there are a million others out there. If you know any, leave a comment and I’ll post about it (I’ll credit you, of course!).

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  1. Your right, thousands of amusing orchid names:
    Acianthus fornicatus; Anacamptis × lesbiensis; Angraecum erectum; Angraecum superbum; Coelogyne cumingii just to name a few.
    Strangely, I never saw them in such an amusing light before. It’s quite nice down here in the gutter LOL.

      1. I was just doing some googling for a piece of information and came across this; I think it must be a site for women/ladies, but it definately had me gigling into my coffee LOL
        By the way, the name orchid comes from llatin meaning testicles. One of the first orchids decribed was from the Orchis genus in Europe and the underground tubours were reported to resemble male testicles, and as I explained,Orchis is latin for testicles, The removal of a mans testicles being known as an orchidectomy, something I’m sure many women would like to do at times LOL anyway, I digress, my giggling was brought on by how the flowers of said plants have more of a resemblance to females as these histerical women discovered.
        Enjoy the laugh as I did http://bit.ly/9bWKzQ
        I’ll be posting it on twitter as well.

  2. @ Bill…awesome! I actually have a second “unfortunate orchid names” post in the works and the first one on the list is the word “orchid” itself. Now that I have internet hooked up at home I can post it soon!

  3. Unfortunate names are by no means restricted to orchids (or even plants):
    cockburnianus, rectum, pudenda, canaliculata, fucatus, mysoreanus, motleyanus, Clitoria, Vulva, and a myriad others.

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