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Keiki Grow Paste Experiment + More

Lime green paste

I’ve read about this Keiki Grow Paste that you can use to try and propagate Phalaenopsis orchids, and I wanted to give it a whirl for myself. Basically, it’s a paste consisting of hormones that, if applied correctly, can encourage the growth of a keiki—a baby plant—off the spike of the original plant. Orchid propagation is not for beginners or the faint of heart (propagation involves a sterile environment…and that’s about all I know about it), so this paste provides a way for us “regular folk” to clone our own plants.

I recently traded in some MyPoints for an gift card, so I used that money to buy Keiki Grow Paste from the Carter & Holmes Orchids store on Amazon. It cost $27.95 for a very small (15 ml) container, but as I am finding out, a little goes a long way with the stuff. Side note: Carter & Holmes shipped my order very quickly…two thumbs up!!

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New Meetup Group: Brooklyn Orchid Growers

Photo credit: Brooklyn Orchid Growers,

I’m a member of, though I almost never go to any events. I think I’ve only ever gone to one meetup. Anyway, awhile back I entered ‘orchids’ as an interest in my profile, and I just now received an email notifying me that a group had been formed called Brooklyn Orchid Growers. So of course, I joined it!

I’m not sure yet how comfortable I feel about actually going to an orchid meetup, but it sounds like the group’s organizers are going to wait awhile before they plan an event. So I’ve got time to gather the courage. These things always make me kind of nervous and I’m sure I’d feel intimidated.

To any other Brooklyn-based orchid lovers out there that are reading my blog: you should join the group too!

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